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April 27, 2012

BC bodies make progress toward unification

The three BC accounting bodies are working toward unification with each of the bodies providing updates and information on “next steps” to their members.

An initial review of the results of the CMA BC member survey indicates that the majority of CMAs in British Columbia support the unification of the accounting profession. A total of 33% of CMA BC members completed the survey and according to the survey results, 66% of those members who responded are strongly in favour and 25% are somewhat in favour of the merger proposal (a more detailed report will be shared with members in early May). CMA BC reaffirmed its commitment to continuing merger discussions with ICABC and CGA-BC. Read their member update here.

After extensive consultation and feedback, ICABC developed a draft report and recommendations for government and are asking members for their views on the recommendations through a member vote. The report with detailed draft recommendations for the BC government was posted today and the members’ vote is open from May 1 to 18. Click here to review the draft report.

CGA-BC provides a status report to members on unification talks with the province’s other two professional accounting bodies and the factors, timing and decision-making process involved in any decision to merge. Click here to review CGA-BC’s recent update.